Proud To Be Driving A Ford

Even though it is becoming an increasingly rare sight in today’s communist America, capitalism and private sector solutions do indeed work.  Ford made the hard decisions, rolled with the punches and may finally be seeing some daylight.  Now if the government would only get off their back with these ridiculous CAFE standards, we may be able to maintain a car industry in America.  From the Washington Post:

Ford, the only major American automaker to avert bankruptcy and spurn a government bailout, signaled its growing strength Monday, posting a third-quarter profit of about $1 billion and lifting hopes that the U.S. industry can recover.

The financial results marked the first time Ford’s North American operations have been profitable since 2005, and the turnaround reflects the fact that the automaker has drastically cut costs, slashed tens of thousands from it workforce and produced more appealing cars, analysts said…

But do not get too excited, the parasites at the UAW are still doing everything possible to kill the host… 

The United Auto Workers announced just hours after the earnings report that its members at Ford plants voted overwhelmingly to refuse to give up their right to strike on wages when the current contract expires in 2011.

“We haven’t had a raise in five years,” said Nick Kottalis, president of the local at the truck plant in Dearborn, Mich.  “It’s peculiar that Ford was asking for all these concessions while they were making all this money.  A lot of the people on the line were asking, ‘Was this all a big lie?’ “…


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