Too Many Black Lawmakers Under Investigation…Time To Blame Whitey

The reverse-racism racket is still going strong.  From Politico:

Racial disparity: All active ethics probes focus on black lawmakers

The House ethics committee is currently investigating seven African-American lawmakers — more than 15 percent of the total in the House.  And an eighth black member, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), would be under investigation if the Justice Department hadn’t asked the committee to stand down…

African American politicians have long complained that they’re treated unfairly when ethical issues arise.  Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are still fuming over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to oust then-Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) from the House Ways and Means Committee in 2006, and some have argued that race plays a role in the ongoing efforts to remove Rep Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) from his chairmanship of that committee...

What?  You mean “Cold Cash” and “Cheating Charlie”??  Because the mblackcongressotto of the Congressional Black Caucus is “Race Over Ethics”.


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