Random Thoughts On Fort Hood

Like most, I was glued to the TV and radio this afternoon to learn more about the tragic shootings at Fort Hood.  The following are just random thoughts as I listened to the news unfold:

* I learned for the first time today that soldiers at Fort Hood are not allowed to walk around with weapons.  Fox News reported that only the MPs have weapons and all other weapons are kept in the armory.  Perhaps one of the mil guys that read this blog can tell me why this would necessarily be the case.  I assume it would not be this way on a foreign military base?  Because it struck me that unless the victims were next to an MP, they were sitting ducks.  Had the attack happened outside of the base, where even civilians are allowed to carry firearms, then some might have had a fighting chance.  In fact, it was eventually a civilian officer that took down the shooter.  Need to hear more about how it all went down so I can understand things better.

* Did anyone notice how careful even Fox News was NOT to speculate as to the reasons why NIDAL MALIK HASAN went on a shooting rampage?  The absolute avoidance would almost be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.  As RedState so aptly put it “The Media Will Downplay His Religion, But God Help Us If His Car Had A Talk Radio Station On”.  

* Imagine what it would be like to be a family with kids on that base.  Sirens were going off — there was an announcement that the base was going into lockdown and for people to seek shelter.  There are quite a few elementary and middle schools on the post and all were locked down, in addition to the nearby high school.  The cell phone system became overloaded as parents attempted to call their kids at school.


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