The Death Of Our Republic

Well, they did it.  On a Saturday night under cover of darkness.  Those of us who know what this means sit in stunned disbelief, sick with the knowledge that we have just witnessed the end of our republic.

The Democrat controlled House of Representatives just passed the health care bill.  It’s over.  But what of the Senate you ask?  Harry Reid has made it clear that he is willing to use a bureaucratic procedure called reconciliation, the so called “nuclear option”, which would allow Democrats to pass key parts of the health care bill with a simple majority, as opposed to the 60 votes needed to avoid a filibuster.  And that is exactly what he will do.  So if it was to be stopped, it needed to occur in the House, and we didn’t have the votes to do it.  It’s all over and make no mistake about it, we lost our country today.  Maybe we lost it a year ago and were  just too blind to see it.

I am exhausted in body and spirit, so I am going to stop writing for the night.


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