Obama: Fundamentally Changing Our Country

I get a lot of emails with links to videos and photos, and while I do not usually post them due to their inflammatory nature, I am posting this video.  Not because I think Obama is a secret Muslim, but because while watching this video, I was struck with the thought that nobody has ever heard him talk so admiringly about America.  Or about her Founding Fathers.  This is because, at the end of the day, our President does not like or appreciate America and what she stands for.  He and other like-minded Liberals will never say it, but they care not one wit for American exceptionalism.  They are globalists and it offends them greatly that a people should feel their country and way of life is better than another’s.  

Obama has always been about “fundamentally changing” the country, and sadly, he has done it.  Do you recognize the America of today, from the one even a year ago?


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