Why I Joined The Texas Nationalist Movement

Simply put…to build a life boat.  Our ship of state is sinking and has been for some time.  Not only is the band still playing on this Titanic, the captain and crew are happily steering us into more icebergs.  But there are those of us who have seen this coming for some time.  We have been warning the captain, crew, passengers, walls, ceilings and bilge rats of the impending wreck but nobody would listen.  We have been bailing water while others danced in the ballroom.

Well, some of us want off the boat now.  “Don’t be ridiculous”, we are told, “You can’t leave this ship.”  We are told we are being silly and alarmist as we stand with sea water swirling around our ankles.  Now we no longer care what the other passengers think…it is time to save ourselves and our families.

But unfortunately, we have spent so much time warning others and bailing water, we have neglected to build our emergency life boat.  We find ourselves without a way off of this sinking ship. Currently, the only way to save ourselves that I see, the only emergency exit I can think of, is Texas secession.

Critics of secession argue that we must work within our democratic system and affect change at election time.  But what if that system no longer exists?  What if our representative republic has fallen and corruption has taken over?  Are we to live under the tyranny of Liberals spouting platitudes about liberty and freedom while placing a boot across our necks?  Are we to continue to play by their rules when they play by none at all?  No thank you.

Right now, secessionist movements are seen as the realm of fringe right-wingers, or in the case of Vermont, fringe left-wingers.  Secede from the United States?  What are you crazy??  The smartest people in the room tell us that could never happen.   Oh contraire, mon frère.  It can indeed happen, and if there was ever a state to do it, Texas is it.

I am going to work with the Texas Nationalist Movement to educate others and strive for a growing acceptance of the idea of Texas secession.  These are extraordinary times, and whether we are forced to jump ship or not, we MUST begin now to build our life boat.


One Response to Why I Joined The Texas Nationalist Movement

  1. Texmom says:

    I agree that time is not on our side. Everyone says “Send them a message in 2010”. Well, I don’t think we have that long or can expect a fair election process by then.

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