More GE Advertising Disguised As Prime Time TV

GE’s mammoth investments in green product lines could really start to pay off if Obama signs our liberty away in Copenhagen.  Therefore, NBC will be pushing the enviro propaganda hard this week to their weak-minded lib viewers.  According to the AP:

NBC gives new meaning to the phrase “green screen” next week, spreading a pro-environmental message across five of its prime-time entertainment programs.

“30 Rock,” where Al Gore takes a cameo role, leads the way.  Environmental themes were also added to the scripts of “The Biggest Loser,” “The Office,” “Heroes” and “Community.”

Producers decide the best way to absorb the message in a way that’s appropriate for their audiences..

NBC News is also involved next week.  The “Today” show will have a series on cost-efficient ways for families to live greener lives.  Anne Thompson will do environmental stories from Greenland, Denmark and Arizona on “Nightly News,” and David Gregory will bring up the topic on “Meet the Press.”  Activities on NBC Universal’s cable properties include hosts on The Weather Channel advising viewers to turn down their thermostats.


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