Much Loved Symbol Of American Strength Co-opted By Obama’s Green Shirts

Green Army Co-ops Rosie

No, this is not some photo-shop from a satirical political site, this is from the creepy-as-hell Apollo Alliance web site.  To those of you who don’t watch Glenn Beck, the Apollo Alliance claims to have written the Cap & Trade legislation as well as the Stimulus Bill.  Remember the Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, who had to duck out of the White House in the middle of the night when videos of his Marxist rants came to light?  Well, Commie Van Jones sat on the board at AA.  The New York State Apollo Alliance Director is Jeffery Jones, home-grown terrorist and co-founder with William Ayers of the Weather Underground.  Here they are recruiting amongst our veterans for their civilian green army…

This Wednesday was Veterans Day, and to honor our veterans and their service to our country, the Apollo Alliance published a feature story about veterans’ role in the green economy.  The article profiled two green jobs programs—Veterans Green Jobs of Colorado and the Veterans Conservation Corps of Washington state—and the recently launched “Operation Free” campaign that has veterans touring the country to call for federal action on climate change…

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs.


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