BBC Article: A Stinking Pile Of Dog Crap

The U.N. is cranking out their environmental communist agenda and the assclowns over at the BBC happily regurgitate it for the masses…  

Poor Women “Bear Climate Burden”

Women in developing countries will be the most vulnerable to climate change, a report from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has warned.  The agency said there was a disproportionate burden on those women and called for greater equality.  They do most of the agricultural work, and are therefore affected by weather-related natural disasters impacting on food, energy and water, it said.

The “women” are the victim du jour in this article.  Tomorrow’s victim will be the children.  But it will always come back to the environmental message, because it is not a movement, it is a religion.    

Slower population growth would help cut greenhouse gas emissions, it added…

That’s the eugenics message we have been getting from Progressives for the last century.  These people love the planet and love animals, but hate people.  

Temperatures are predicted to rise by 4C to 6C by 2100, with a “likely catastrophic effect” on the environment, habitats, economies and people, the report said.  Migration could be affected, as rising sea levels and droughts prompt people to leave uninhabitable lands, and poor people could lose their livelihoods.

Dogs living with cats…mass hysteria!!  These con-men have been predicting the earth’s demise for decades.  Except now they are smart enough to push “judgement day” to a time so far into the future they will be dead and can avoid looking stupid when they are proven wrong.

 But women, particularly in poor countries, will be affected differently from men, the UNFPA added.  Describing “a cycle of deprivation”, the report said that women in developing countries did a larger share of farming and had less access to income-earning opportunities.  They also managed households and cared for families, which limited their chances of moving around and increased “their vulnerability to sudden weather-related natural disasters”.  When drought strikes, the women had to “work harder to secure food, water and energy for their homes”.

Can you believe this is an article from a mainstream news source? 

“Given women’s significant engagement in food production in developing countries, the close connection between gender, farming and climate change deserves far more analysis than it currently receives,” the UNFPA said.  Societies which will be more resilient to climate change are those with education, healthcare and legal protection for all…

And there it is…the “social justice” message inherent in the communist environmental movement nowadays.  It is all about the redistribution of wealth on a global scale.  The draft of the Copenhagen environmental treaty proposed by the UN for ratification in December, requires developed countries to pay what is called an “adaptation debt” to developing countries to support climate change mitigation.  WTF Right??  Clause 33, p.39 of the treaty says that by 2020 “the scale of financial flows to support adaptation in developing countries must be [at least $67 billion] or [in the range of $70 billion to $140 billion per year].”

It warned it was a long-term goal – taking “decades, even centuries” – to keep the atmosphere suitable for human habitation.

Right.  Because this “global warming” crap is the lib gift that keeps on giving.  


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