NY Times Reports On Some News, But Walks On Eggshells The Whole Time

Even the NY Times has noticed what a total kiss-ass Obama has been to the Chi-Coms, and actually reports on it, but tepidly…

Whether by White House design or Chinese insistence, President Obama has steered clear of public meetings with Chinese liberals, free press advocates and even average Chinese during his first visit to China, showing a deference to the Chinese leadership’s aversions to such interactions that is unusual for a visiting American president…

[Mr. Obama], in nuanced references to human rights, has shied away from citing China’s spotty record, even when offered the chance.  Asked Monday in Shanghai to discuss China’s censorship of the Internet, the president replied by talking about America’s robust political debates…

American scholars and activists, who requested anonymity for fear of damaging relations with the White House, said the administration rejected proposals for brief meetings in Beijing with Chinese political activists, and then with lawyers…

Did you catch that??  Just in case you missed it, I am going to quote that line again…”American scholars and activists, who requested anonymity for fear of damaging relations with the White House…”  What kind of a human rights activist are you if you are afraid to speak out against the White House?  And what does that say about this thug administration that scholars and activists would harbor these fears?  And what are they afraid of?  Not being invited to Beltway cocktail parties?  Not being included in the taxpayer gravy train when entitlement decisions are made?  You know, the left’s mantra used to be “Speak Truth To Power”, but not when the power is Obama.  And where the hell is that bleeding heart Richard Gere and the other Hollywood nitwits crying at the Oscars over the Chinese treatment of Tibet??  Their political convictions were about as real as their spray-tans, and have faded just as quickly.


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