Obama’s America Continues Its Slide Into International Irrelevance

After a year of apology tours, fumbling foreign policy and egotistical grandstanding, it looks like the rest of the world may be tired of the Obama show.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if Sarkozy manages to cobble together some kind of Middle East peace negotiation while Obama is accepting his totally undeserved Nobel prize?

Sarkozy Outshines Obama as King of MidEast Mediation

For decades the cafés, classrooms and mosques of the Middle East have discussed American intervention in the region.

Eight years of American-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a subsequent promise by U.S. President Barack Obama to turn a new page in American relations with the Muslim world have only heightened the United States’ role in the Middle East.

But in the battle fields outside Kabul, the mosques of Tehran and Damascus and the halls of power in Jerusalem, people are discussing an entirely different international player: Sarkozy.

In what has been termed “diplomatic activism”, in the two years since he assumed the French presidency Sarkozy has launched a ‘Union for the Mediterranean’, pushed France to the forefront of international mediation in Syria, taken Europe’s most aggressive stance towards Iran, made friends with Israel, officially joined NATO in Afghanistan, and most recently flown to Saudi Arabia to convince the royals to support a Middle East peace conference in Paris.

Sarkozy’s saunter into Middle Eastern diplomacy is seen by the region’s pundits and politicians alike in stark contrast to the approach of the U.S. president, who after almost a year in office has made a brief stopover in Riyadh and a grandiose speech in Cairo…

I cannot copy this entire article, but I STRONGLY recommend you read the whole thing (here) as it is very interesting.


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