And We Thought The GOP Could Not Possibly Blow More

Will all decent Republican Conservative candidates PLEASE consider leaving the GOP?  The Republican politicians in Washington could not be comprised of a more vapid, idiotic, self-serving, and power-hungry group of jackals.  Instead of refusing to be a part of the nationwide rape that is Obamacare, we have the GOP falling right into the Democrat trap of actually debating the health care bill as if there was any part of it worth the reams of paper it was printed on.  And who is the first spineless, bipartisan, weenie in line with an amendment??  RINO extraordinaire, John McCain, of course.  This guy and the GOP rank and file he represents have already forced the election of a communist to the presidency, so it is a puzzle to me why McCain, Graham, and the like keep getting reelected.  For Conservatives, these posers are far more dangerous than the transparently socialist Barney Franks of the world.  We absolutely MUST rid ourselves of these snakes at the earliest possible opportunity.

According to RedState

Senate GOP Decides To Improve Health Care Bill So It Can Pass

The Senate Republican Conference is giddy that its first amendment to the health care legislation is to preserve the bloated Medicare bureaucracy.  The Senate Democrats want to do what they always accuse the GOP of doing and cut Medicare.  The GOP is apparently giddy at the opportunity to rub the Democrats’ noses in their Medicare cuts.

So now the GOP is using its first amendment to reaffirm the Democrat theory that Medicare cannot be cut and cuts even to the rate of growth of Medicare are also wrong.

The GOP could have, by chance, offered up the Stupak language, which has not yet been inserted.  The GOP could have offered up an amendment to split the Democrats up front.  The GOP could have done nothing and moved on to let cloture fail, thus killing the bill.  Instead, Democrats and Republicans will no doubt join hands and vote to put the money back in Medicare, making it a grand bipartisan exercise.

What next? A GOP amendment to guarantee breast cancer screenings in the legislation?

Having started from the presupposition that the health care legislation is going to pass, the GOP seems to be signaling it will work to “improve” the legislation just enough to overcome a filibuster.

The legislation has 57 votes already.  The GOP does not need to offer amendments to improve the bill — they need to bring it to a vote and kill it.  Preening for cameras and favorable press coverage is going to get the bill to 60 votes and a signing ceremony…


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