California Death Panels – Because They Are Always On The Cutting Edge Of All Things Lib

Remember when Palin was such a right-wing nutjob for suggesting that government-run healthcare might produce death panels??  Well, out in California, the broke and failing public health care system has begun rationing care.  We can no longer read stories like this one, shake our heads at those nutty Californians and forget about it.  The Libs have taken control and now our VERY LIVES depend on our ability to stop them. 

State Ends Subsidy For Mammograms To Low-Income Women Under 50

The eligibility age for state-subsidized breast cancer screening has been raised from 40 to 50 by the California Health and Human Services Agency, which will also temporarily stop enrollment in the breast cancer screening program.

Advocates for low-income women, whose health care the department helps pay for, say the cuts put a two-tier system in place that is based on money rather than medical standards.  The cuts will greatly harm the clinic’s mammogram program, said Natasha Riley, manager of Vista Community Clinic’s Breast Health Outreach and Education Program.

The clinic and others like it in San Diego County provide reduced-cost care, mostly to low-income people, with money from the state and some private donations.  “More than 50 percent of the women we give breast exams and mammograms to are in their 40s,” Riley said. “The majority of our current breast cancer survivors are women in their 40s.”

The state’s decision, announced Dec. 1 and effective Jan. 1, follows a controversial federal recommendation last month that mammograms before the age of 50 are generally not needed.  However, the public health department also linked the change to California’s budget woes…


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