Rush, Sean and Mark Keep Telling Us Republicans Are Not As Bad As Democrats

Actually, they are WORSE.  Nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing.  The Republican “brand” has been ruined and it is time to move on, my fellow Conservatives.  RedState has an excellent update on the health care scam and what the GOP is doing to further Liberal objectives…

Right now in America, the people of this great nation are staring down the loaded barrel of government-run healthcare.  If this bill passes, it is no less than the end of America as we know it.  You know it.  Most Americans knows it.

Yet the people most in a position to do anything about it right now – Senate Republicans – are doing absolutely nothing.  If anything, they actually are HELPING Democrats by offering amendments to “highlight problems in the bill,” giving the Democrats the opportunity to produce “cover votes.”

Consider the comments of the number two Senate Republican, Jon Kyl, yesterday …  In response to the question, “what is your strategy, to the extent you can share it,” Kyl said, “actually, I think we can be fairly upfront about it.  Our strategy is not actually to delay and not take votes.”  He added, “our strategy is to have a lot of good amendments and highlight the problems in the bill,” and “it is not our strategy to somehow slow things down.”

This is what happens when Senators sit around their offices with overpaid, but largely incompetent staff in fancy rooms scattered about the Capitol – and they listen to pollsters and political strategists talking about how unpopular this bill is, but stressing that Republicans “need to be for something.”…


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