Texas Independence – How Quickly Can An Idea Gain Acceptance?

It was only February of this year that I attended the first Houston Tea Party, which garnered a paltry turnout of 300-400 people in a city of millions.  I then attended the Tax Day Tea Party at the Alamo in April, the crowd for which was later numbered at around 10,000 participants.  And then, a mere 5 months after that, I would make the expensive trip to D.C. to march on Washington with over a million of my fellow Americans.

This is how quickly a movement can gain momentum, and it is why I hold out hope for an eventual broad acceptance of the idea of Texas Independence as an option against a federal government that no longer resembles the Republic of our founding.

It is only a matter of time before more and more Texans face the sad fact that we will not be able to stop what is happening in Washington.  That is not to say we should stop trying to defeat the Progressive Marxists that have taken over the country – – we must continue the fight for America, as she is certainly worth it.

However, it is time to multi-task.  Texans need to begin preparing ourselves to fight this enemy on a state level, as it looks like we will lose the war at a national level.  In fact, the United States may be too far gone.  We, the producers, are now outnumbered by the looters and the only area of the U.S. economy growing at a rapid clip is the government sector.  Who’s your Daddy?  The State is.

So please, my fellow Texans, let’s educate ourselves on Texas Independence and steps we can take short of secession to strengthen our state sovereignty.  For those of you who would also like to begin building our emergency life raft, the Texas Nationalist Movement is hosting the first annual Texas Independence Conference in San Antonio in March of next year.  Here is the link if you would like to learn more…



One Response to Texas Independence – How Quickly Can An Idea Gain Acceptance?

  1. rob says:

    ba bye, dont let thhe door hit you in the ass!!

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