Don’t Believe In Man-Made Global Warming? Something Is Obviously Wrong With Your Brain

Is it just me, or are the Liberals becoming pathetically transparent?  You simply won’t believe what passes for journalism nowadays.  Here is an article from this week’s Washington Post – WAPO text in green.

“It’s Natural to Behave Irrationally –
Climate change is just the latest problem that people acknowledge but ignore”
Yep – that’s the title of this high school newspaper piece of schlock.  If you are not on the climate change bandwagon, you are behaving irrationally.  But what happens if you don’t even acknowledge that climate change is a problem at all?  Doesn’t say, because you are obviously in such a minority you are not even worth mentioning.

To a psychologist, climate change looks as if it was designed to be ignored.  It is a global problem, with no obvious villains and no one-step solutions, whose worst effects seem as if they’ll befall somebody else at some other time. In short, if someone set out to draw up a problem that people would not care about, one expert on human behavior said, it would look exactly like climate change.
But wait, we aren’t even going to question whether or not climate change is bad, good or a wash?  Nope.  We are going to set as our jumping off point — climate change is a global problem we are ignoring at our own peril.  And we are going to bring in Dr. Psychobabble to tell us about it.  

That’s the upshot of a spate of new research that tries to explain stalled U.S. efforts to combat greenhouse-gas emissions by putting the country on the couch.  Polls — including one last month — indicate that a sizable, though shrinking, number of Americans believe climate change is happening.  Most of those people think it is a “serious” problem.  So, rationally, shouldn’t they be doing more to fight it?  The problem, many psychologists say, is the “rationally.”
Hmmm.  It looks like the rest of the world is not getting called in for this psych appointment.  Only the Americans seem to be behaving irrationally.

Those who are concerned that a real problem is being left unaddressed have called for a change in the way that green groups talk about climate, which has traditionally been heavy on warnings about drought and stranded polar bears.  Instead, researchers suggested a new set of back-door appeals, designed essentially to fool people into serving their own — and the planet’s — best interests.
Yep, we now have to be fooled into serving our own self-interest.  Or to put it a Cass Sunstein way: NUDGED.  Liberals know what is best for us all and they will pick our knuckles up off the ground whether we like it or not.   

“We are collectively irrational, in the sense that we should really care about the long-term well-being of the planet but when we get up in the morning it’s very hard to motivate ourselves,” said Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at Duke University, who gave a keynote speech last month at a Washington conference devoted to understanding why people don’t do more to save energy.  Psychologists studying the issue say that the now-familiar warnings about climate change kick at emotional dead spots in all human brains — but especially in American brains.  Researchers have only theories to explain why people in the United States have done less than those in such places as Europe and Japan.  Some think Americans are culturally leery of programs the government might develop to target climate change, trusting instead that the free market will solve major problems.
Emotional dead spots in the human brain?  Scratch that.  Emotional dead spots in the American human brain?  Researchers are actually studying this?  And no doubt with taxpayer money, the douchebags.  Why don’t they spend less time trying to paint us all as brain-dead and irrational because we disagree with their sloppy science, and spend more time questioning why they (with so much research debunking this climate crap) are still part of this global warming cult??

One U.S. researcher thought television is to blame: All those TV ads have made Americans more focused on their own wants, she theorized, and less likely to care about the long-term good.
Yep, you just knew it was coming.  Americans are heartless, greedy and materialistic.

No matter where the public’s complacency springs from, psychologists have seen this kind of thing before, Ariely said: “That’s why we don’t exercise, and we overeat, and we bite our fingernails. . . . It’s not something where we’re going to overcome human nature.”
Global warming denial.  Right up there with gluttony and sloth.

Last month, shortly before Monday’s start of an international conference on climate change, the United States and China made pledges to work on cutting greenhouse-gas emissions.  But even these underscored the point that much more remains to be done: The United States offered to cut emissions less than environmentalists say it needs to; China offered to cut in ways it was planning to anyway.
No amount will ever be enough.  Need I say it again?  It is not about the environment any more.

Although researchers say the climate is, in fact, already shifting, psychologists say many Americans still don’t feel close to the issue.  And though scientists say that change is unequivocal, the science can be confusing: It is complex, and vocal skeptics are still saying the evidence is not at all conclusive.
This is another common liberal argument: Americans are too stupid to understand the data.  When you disagree with a Progressive on an issue, it is because you are not sophisticated to see the nuances in any given situation.  It could never be that they are actually full of shit.

Another problem with climate change is called, more obscurely, “system justification.”  This refers to humankind’s deep-seated love for the status quo and willingness to defend it.
Now he’s falling back on the old “Fight The System” hippy crap.  That Liberal play book of his must be dog-eared and tattered by now.

This is why climate change isn’t like the hole in the ozone layer: In that crisis, the solution was to substitute new chemicals for old ones, and the changes happened mainly inside refrigerator coils and spray cans.  In this one, they could alter basic things about modern life, everything from light bulbs to cars to air travel.
See, even they can remember the many times they have cried wolf, from Ozone to Acid Rain.  So Chicken Little is trying to explain how THIS time their dire warnings and predictions are different than LAST time’s dire warnings and predictions.

A third problem is that psychologists say humans can fret about only so many things at once — the technical term is the “finite pool of worry.”  The proof of that might be found in last month’s Washington Post-ABC News poll, which showed that belief in climate change had actually fallen 13 percentage points since 2006, from 85 percent to 72.  It could be that new worries such as lost jobs and swine flu crowded old ones out of the pool.
Or it could be that more and more people are waking up to the fact they have been HAD.

Psychological researchers say one possible way to overcome all these obstacles is to frame the changes needed to curb carbon emissions as “saving” the American way of life, instead of changing it.
aka Leftist Propaganda

Another is to pair warnings about the climate with concrete suggestions about what to do, so people can act instead of just stewing in worry.
Are they kidding?  One of the problems they really do suffer from is instructing people to do too many different things.  Who can keep track of it all?  

Another is to tap into two powerful human impulses: to be like one’s neighbors and then to beat them at something…In one small study around San Diego in 2007, researchers hung four fliers on doorknobs. One told homeowners that they should conserve energy because it helped the environment.  One said saving energy was socially responsible.  One said that it saved money. The fourth said that the majority of neighbors in the community were doing it.  The researchers waited and then read the meters.  The houses with the fourth flier showed the most change.

“Simply urging people — or telling them that it’s a good idea to recycle or conserve energy — is the same as nothing,” said Robert Cialdini, a professor at Arizona State University who worked on the study.

One of those listening to the psychologists is Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash.), who introduced a bill calling on the Department of Energy to study “social and behavioral factors” that affect energy use.   It passed a House committee, though Baird said some Republicans called it “mind control.”   “These [ideas] can all be met with derision until you try it,” Baird said.

Actually, I don’t meet this idea with derision at all.  It is precisely this type of sheep mentality that has so many Americans willing to take our economy over a cliff on the word of these eco-commies in the first place.  Weak-minded fools who follow fads and live to impress others – – that is the bread and butter of the environmental movement. 

The rest of the article deals with the televisions ads being run to promote the climate agenda at Copenhagen.  Pretty ridiculous stuff.  This is what passes for journalism nowadays and this is why alternative news sources, such as Drudge, Breitbart, blogs and citizen journalists are now flourishing.  TRUST is now the ultimate commodity in the news business, not size and not name brand.


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