Update: The Earth Did Continue To Turn While We Enjoyed Our Holidays And Here Are Some Of The Things That Happened…

* An Islamic terrorist attempted to blow up an airplane with a bomb he had stashed in his underwear.  He skated easily through system “security” and had actually ignited the chemical bomb when a brave, alert, fellow passenger literally leapt across the plane to tackle the terrorist and put the fire out with his bare hands.  Homeland Security has now announced that travelers will be required to remove their underwear and pass them, along with their shoes, through the x-rays in the terminal.

* The Obama administration gave a nice Christmas present to their cronies at Fannie and Freddie by putting the government on the hook for “unlimited losses” for the two quasi-governmental crime organizations.  The earlier cap was $400 billion but that would not have been enough make our economy completely collapse, therefore, the Progressives now have a fresh blank check to get the job done. 

* Iran disregarded the latest worthless deadline the U.S. gave them, which was December 31st to reach an agreement on the nuclear fuel processing.  Their response was something like — give us all the deadlines you want, we don’t care.  Yet Washington and the ineptocrats at the U.N. will continue to pretend to negotiate because “worthless talking” is the Liberal’s specialty.

and oh yeah,

* Senate Democrats passed in the dark of night, the sleaziest, most corrupt piece of legislation this nation has ever seen: Obamacare.  This monstrosity is packed with all sorts of goodies designed specifically to end capitalism and America as we know it.  2009 was most certainly the Year Of The Progressive.  2010 we will be going to the mattresses.


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