A Moderate Is What You Call Yourself When You Are Too Ignorant To Know What You Really Are

A recent poll by Gallup has shown that 40% of Americans now identify themselves as Conservatives, an ever increasing number, while those that identify themselves as Moderates has continued to fall to 36%.  This ability to recognize yourself as a Conservative is something that happens as you educate yourself politically.  The typical progression is to go from Liberal to Moderate – – while you qualify to everyone who will listen that you are fiscally conservative but socially liberal — you are far too nuanced to have one ideology on all things, after all.  Then you read even more books, learn even more history and discover that in fact you are not just a Conservative but are probably actually a Libertarian.  Not wanting to be associated with the likes of Ron Paul (whom you will later come to appreciate) you finally begin identifying yourself as a Conservative.

So this news from Gallup is good to hear.  It isn’t that people are becoming more Conservative.  It’s that they are educating themselves and now see what they have been all along.


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