Glenn Beck Continues To Be One Of The Worst Interviewers On TV

My review of Glenn Beck’s Sarah Palin interview: 

I am a huge Glenn Beck fan, but when it comes to interviewing people, he absolutely sucks.  He is too self-absorbed for the task and is better teaching at his blackboard, uncovering the evil plots those Liberal weasels have in store for us.  Fox should have left the interviewing up to Greta and sent Glenn home with some NyQuil because he looked and sounded sick as a dog.

The ratio of Glenn’s voice to Sarah’s must have been about 8 to 1.  As usual, he would give about a 2 minute commentary on something and then ask, “Am I right?” or “Am I crazy?” or “Don’t you think?”  And then Sarah would have about 15 seconds to respond before a commercial break or before Glenn jumped back in to answer the question himself.  And it seems no Beck interview (whether he is giving or receiving) is complete without a rehashing of his alcoholism and subsequent religious rebirth.   

I was really hoping to learn something new about Palin from this interview, but no such luck.  She was eloquent on some of the religious stuff and then bungled some of the other stuff.  Like towards the end of the interview she said her political message was getting “atrophied” with SNL’s political message.  I knew what she meant, but that was the wrong word to use.  Overall, I learned nothing new and was kind of annoyed that I wasted the hour.


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