Sarah Palin Needs To Butt Out!!

She believes in strong private property rights, low taxes, gun rights, and small government. No, not Sarah Palin, I am talking about Debra Medina, GOP candidate for Governor and the only strong conservative in the Texas gubernatorial race. Medina, a tea party mom, has been slowly gaining in the polls and received a nice bump from her appearance at the governor’s debate last week, where many Texans learned of her candidacy for the first time.

Meanwhile, I just read that Sarah Palin is scheduled to come to Texas next month to campaign on behalf of establishment candidate Rick Perry in the Republican primary race. Palin endorsed Perry early in 2009 against the squishy moderate KBH, long before Medina really came on the scene. But Sarah, a lot can happen in a year and this is a three-way race now. You need to butt out and only come back when the people of Texas have chosen our GOP candidate.


It is difficult to compete against Perry and KBH’s multi-million dollar war chests, but if you would like to help out and have a chance at really making a difference in Texas, go to…


One Response to Sarah Palin Needs To Butt Out!!

  1. Texmom says:

    I thought Medina won the debate. She really stood out when she was obviously the only one familiar with the medical life termination law.

    Palin might have reconsidered if Medina had been in the race earlier. She may not want to back out on Perry after agreeing to support him, though.

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