Second Texas Governor’s Debate Was Surprisingly Awesome

While cool, hip couples with a life may have spent last Friday night at a dinner party or a charity gala, our family eschews such vulgar affairs.  We prefer to spend our nights mired in angst-ridden political discussions, so with that goal clearly in mind, we sponsored a gubernatorial debate viewing party.  To the viewers’ surprise and to the candidates’ discomfort, this latest debate (the last before the March 2nd primary) was no walk in the park which made the whole thing quite entertaining to watch.

For the first time in years, we saw true, unbiased, hard-hitting, bare-lightbulb, take no prisoners, JOURNALISM on display by the debate sponsors, BELO and the Dallas Morning News.  Both of those organizations are in the tank for Perry, but to their credit, showed no favoritism to any candidate.

KBH gave another lackluster performance, due in part to the fact that she had never left the stage from the first debate where she was still attempting to answer the abortion question.  Holy cow!  For such an experienced politician to be tripped up the first time was a shocker, but to struggle with it a second time is bordering on bizarre.  Despite her begging them not to, KBH has recently been endorsed by Bush and Cheney as the “true conservative” in the race … it is unknown right now the damage this has done to her candidacy.

Rick Perry, hair in position, performed better this time than in the last debate, when his backstage handlers must have hung their heads in shame as he yucked it up at his own lame jokes.  But this Friday, he was surprisingly calm as he attempted to explain his betrayal of Texas with the TTC, his crony Enterprise Fund and his dismal record on illegal immigration.  He never even had to answer for his increase in taxes on Texas businesses.  I read yesterday that college Republicans who watched the debate played a drinking game where they had to take a shot if Perry blamed the federal government for something.  Which makes one wonder – – How many spent the night driving the porcelain bus down Perry’s beloved TTC?

Debra Medina, the only true conservative on the stage, performed even better than she did in the first debate, which most believed she won.  It is surprisingly easy not to get tripped up when you have strong beliefs and convictions on the role of government.  You simply tell the truth and oila!, you come out smelling like a rose.  Medina is strongly supported by tea partiers like myself and has strong support among libertarians.  However, Medina is in a race for governor not so much against Perry and KBH, but against time.  Many conservative voters simply don’t know about her, and most enthusiastically support her once they do learn of her candidacy and understand her positions.   

Slick Rick has a good-old-boy Texas charm to him that is attractive, but hopefully not enough to fool the voters into four more years with this RINO.  The election of Obama is enough to make you lose faith in humanity’s ability to look past the high-gloss finish, but primaries typically bring out a more informed voter.  We’ll just have to have faith in our fellow Texans to educate themselves before March 2nd.


For those of you that missed Friday’s debate, you can watch it online at the following…

And for those of you who missed the first debate, let me first say — Get your asses in gear Texans, this is important!!  You can watch the first debate online here…


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