The Medina Truther Nonsense

As an ardent follower of politics, I have learned a lesson in the past which has been strongly reinforced over the last 24 hours…Conservatives will throw their own under the bus at the drop of a hat.  Does “makaka” ring a bell?

It is so much easier to be clever when you are being derisively critical of someone isn’t it?  What happened to Medina yesterday is politics at its absolute worst – – a newcomer to this bloodsport, she was tripped up into expressing support for “9/11 truthers” — a term that is used to label everyone from those that believe the government brought down the twin towers to those that believe the government should have uncovered the plot before it did and attempted to cover their incompetence after the fact.  The latter being so widely believed it is alluded to in the 9/11 Report.

Medina made a rookie mistake to be sure, but nowhere near a hanging offense in my book.  Certainly not as bad as confiscating the private property of countless Texas landowners so you can build a superhighway, and certainly not as bad as using hard-earned taxpayer dollars on bank bailouts and stimulus packages.  Meanwhile, we wonder why we are stuck at the end of the day with smooth-talking liars in political office.

Medina has addressed this truther nonsense clearly on her website and I believe her.  That it should be Glenn Beck leading the charge on this witch hunt is particularly heartbreaking.  As someone who is perpetually labelled as crazy for his beliefs (some of which are out there baby), I believe he has used Medina to try to make himself look more “moderate”.

However, like the “racist” label, the “crazy” label is one most Conservatives are used to and to many of us, like water off a duck’s back.  Thankfully, I can see I am not alone in these views as the Medina campaign has seen a huge jump in contributions in the last 24 hours as well as a drastic increase in her facebook followers.

Here is a good post I saw this morning, from a lib no less…


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