Fox News Discusses Debra Medina

You know, Ronald and Nancy Reagan frequently had psychics and astrologers to the White House, Jimmy Carter swears to this day he has seen a UFO, Glenn Beck is a Mormon and as such believes that Joseph Smith was visited by angels and given golden plates which only he could read with divine goggles.  So easy to paint others with the “crazy” brush isn’t it?

If the skeleton in Medina’s closet is that she has a strong mistrust of government and an unwillingness to bash the beliefs of others, that is fine by me.  About a month ago I read a story (wish I could find it now) from a reporter who spent hours with Medina riding around on the campaign trail.  He said she had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Texas law and the constitution.

And at the end of the day, it is Texas and her needs that concern me.        


One Response to Fox News Discusses Debra Medina

  1. Brenda says:

    Relating to the Beck/Medina moment and placing aside the Medina side of the equation, I would like to comment on what I see as clay feet on Mr. Beck. A disclosure here, I do watch and follow Beck. My points are these: 1) Beck says and will declare that he has one of the finest research staff available. That he deals in facts. So, when Beck retracted his statement on TV about Medina, one must wonder; (A.) Beck knew that Medina was not a 9/11 truther and brought forth that opinion because he yielded to pressure from Clear Channel radio owners who have given over 300,000 to Perry, or (B. he did not research the issue. And, when he did not apologize, but he did retract the statement on TV saying that Mrs. Medina is for State’s rights and does not belong with the Van Jones group, did he bow to pressure from Fox TV pressure because they had lost close to 1 million viewer due to this controversy? Mr. Beck makes the claim that no one tells him what to say. Really? or does he just throw out to the public disparaging remarks to see how the wind blows? Mrs. Medina is not a 9/11 conspiracy person, but she answered the question poorly, and the damage is done. But, what about the greater question of Mr. Beck’s integrity? Does he truly research questions? or Does Mr. Beck have clay feet?

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