Glenn Beck – Pride Cometh Before A Fall

This last week has been difficult for me and many other Glenn Beck fans as we have watched him first spin, and then outright lie about Debra Medina.  I have literally been sick to my stomach for days at the realization that a man I had such profound trust in could now be exposed as a fraud.  I feel stupid, like a gullible member of the congregation in a televangelist’s tent.  Is this the way many Obama voters feel after seeing a year of his lies?      

I don’t know how you can live in Texas and not know about the Medina controversy, but to sum it up…from a poorly answered question by Debra Medina last week on Beck’s radio show, he has since characterized Medina as a Nazi, a fascist, an anarchist, and someone who believes “Cheney and Bush wired the towers to blow”.  But now it seems the scope of this whole thing has gone way beyond Medina into threatening the very conservative establishment that has been pushing the tea party movement for a year.

Within hours of Beck’s interview, the conservative media and top bloggers hopped on this story and painted Medina as a complete whack-job.  This includes Burka with Texas Monthly, Michelle Malkin, RedState, Ace, and others.  From one misstatement in an obviously hostile interview, Medina was tried and executed by many of the leaders in the tea party revolution.  But what these “leaders” did not count on was that many Texans were well-informed about our candidates and the issues, had watched the gubernatorial debates and knew a hatchet job when we saw one.  Since Beck’s interview last week, he has lost over a half a million viewers and his 9/12 Project is hemorrhaging members (myself included).  Liberal blogs like HufPo and the Kos have watched this family fight with glee.

As an avid fan of Glenn Beck’s for over 8 years, I was slow to criticize him too heavily, believing he was simply misinformed.  But as the week progressed, he has now begun to lie to such an extent, he literally appears to be cracking up.  He seems shaky, he looks confused and is obviously caught in a trap of his own making.  His ass is way out in the wind on this one, and now his friends at Fox and those in the blogging community (who blindly followed Beck off this cliff) have a big stake in making this lie stick to Medina, or end up looking like fools.

They may have ruined Medina’s already-slim chances of forcing a run-off, but can this deception hold out forever?  Glenn’s talk radio brethren in Dallas came out today to call him on his lies.  In the links below, conservative radio host Jeff Bolton at KLIF perfectly expressed what so many former Glenn Beck fans are feeling…


16 Responses to Glenn Beck – Pride Cometh Before A Fall

  1. rutabaga says:

    For Heaven’s sake, crop the first 6:12 off the first video audio. The real meat of the story starts at 6:13. People are busy, and they aren’t going to sit through 6 minutes of blab before the really important information starts. It’s really important that people hear this. Don’t throw up a 6 minute stumbling block!!

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Great Comments,

    Here is a short clip that plays the guts of their point.

  3. dick says:

    Thank you for writing this post. I was a doubter, but no longer.

  4. Yep… this pretty much sums it up for me.

    My organization, Texas Conservative Revolution, was called Texas 9.12 Revolution until the weekend following the Beck/Medina interview. I cannot stand to hear his voice because of how he sucker punched all of us by his actions. NO longer do I listen to his radio show or his watch FOX program, and I have to change the channel when he is guest with O’Reilly, etc. And, Medina being further smeared by a host of other FOX contributors further means that the news outlet I thought I could trust cannot be trusted.

    Big media is just as possessive of their power as big government. Not that this really surprises me (nor am I blind to some of FOX’s past trespasses) but I thought there was a limit to how low they would go. I certainly thought that the kind of action they are taking against Medina was a light year past their limit.

    No wonder our nation is sinking to tyranny.

    • Yep. I had been a 9/12 member since its inception, and I went back and forth on whether to maintain my membership. I knew I should keep posting comments in the forum to help explain what happened down here in Texas, but I could see that people had quickly chosen sides and were not moving. My guess is that eventually, most of the Beck doubters will leave the group, and the 9/12 Project will become an echo chamber of Glenn worship. It is a shame really.

  5. Thresa Matthews says:

    My sense is that Glenn Beck is determined to use his influence to manipulate Texas politics.

    Although Debra Medina stands for all he PURPORTS to want for America, his actions show that he’s a shill for the GOP, who is trying to co-opt the tea party movement in order to regain power.

    My prayer is that the destruction he intended for Debra Medina will be his own.

  6. cambo says:

    R U on drugs?? Shill for GOP? Medina will lose w lack of exp.

  7. Jacob says:

    Whoever wrote this is a complete idiot.
    You’re missing the point.

    So many of you miss the freaking point.

  8. Thresa Matthews says:

    One more thing; what help did Jeff Bolton ask of his Democrat listeners? If it involves bringing Glenn Beck down, I’d like to be in on it–though I’m a conservative.

    Please reply.

    • I’m not from Dallas so I don’t know. I heard it on youtube just like you.

      Glenn Beck has become incredibly popular so I don’t see him losing power anytime soon. That said, he lost a very active chunk of his army (generals if you will) with this nonsense.

      What is so distressing to many of us, is that we know that a lot of what Glenn says is important and needs to be said. He has done a lot to educate average people on the founding of our country and our constitution. But when he lies and betrays the very principles he says he holds dear, then he damages not just himself, but our cause.

  9. carrolnana says:

    He has his red phone for the White House, and he repeatedly says “Call me, and if I am wrong I will be the first to say so”; however, he can’t even admit to his loyal audience (previously loyal) that he is wrong on this one !!

  10. Texmom says:

    I am not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater and toss Beck because of this, BUT I do think he was very unfair to Medina. He seemed happy to jump on this and run with it, rather than giving her the opportunity to clarify with him, where his listeners could hear more. Frankly, I think she bears responsibility, too. She should have been better prepared for a question like this. She also ran on and on with her platform and sounded like she was giving a speech rather than having a conversation with Beck. I understand that she was probably trying to get in as much as she could with limited time, but it didn’t come off well, and that was before the “birther” question even came up. It’s a shame all around, because I do think she is a dedicated and sincere candidate.
    Beck is not superhuman and he is going to say and do things we don’t like, but we do need his voice on many issues that no one else is talking about. Rather than toss him, I’d prefer that everyone email his show when things like this happen and ask him to be accountable.

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