It’s Primary Day And This Time You Really Can’t Say You Weren’t Given A Choice

Today is a busy day, just like yesterday was and tomorrow will be.  But there is a vote happening right now that is of tremendous importance to the lives of Texans.  Get out there and be a part of it.

For those of you on the fence, these are your options:

Rick Perry – Running for an unprecedented third term.  Still blames the federal government for not securing our southern border even though he has had a decade to do it.  Perry failed to build his Trans-Texas Corridor, which would have taken 600,000 acres of private property and displaced close to a million Texans, due to the activism on the part of many Texas land owners who fought it tooth and nail at great personal expense.  Even though he never managed to build one road for the TTC, he spent over $131 million in taxpayer money trying to make it happen.  And if you believe Perry when he says the TTC is dead, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like for you to buy.

Perry talks with a thick drawl, likes to wear his “Come And Take It” boots and spouts southern colloquialisms like Dr. Phil, but he is a big government politician just like Bush.  He signed into law the margin tax on our businesses and in the last year alone, our Texas government has grown at a higher rate than any other state in the union, except North Dakota.

And finally, let’s be clear on this … Rick Perry will not win this primary outright today.  There has been NO poll that shows Perry getting over 50% of the vote. THIS RACE WILL GO INTO A RUN-OFF.  The only question is who will be against him?

Kay Bailey Hutchison – Supposedly running for the “moderate” wing of the Republican party.  She is the epitome of a party hack – supported the bailouts, backed by Bush and Cheney, etc.  Kay wants to force Texas businesses to use E-verify which would create more red tape for our already over-regulated Texas businesses.  I really cannot imagine why any conservative would vote for this woman so I am just going to move on.

and finally…

Debra Medina – The GOP establishment keeps saying she cannot make the run-off, but polls show she is only a few points behind Hutchison, and those polls are based on previous primary voters.  This last year has seen the rise of the tea party movement and a resulting tide of new voters to the primary process.  In fact, early voting in most parts of Texas was over THREE times what it was in the last primary.  Do you think all those early voters were getting out there to vote for Perry again??  The fact is, we have no idea what the turn-out will be in this primary and it is entirely possible that Medina will beat Hutchison to participate in the run-off against Perry.

Once that happens, all bets are off.  Run-offs are unpredictable and the month leading up to that second vote will be a huge education for Texans as they listen to the ideas debated between the two Republican candidates.

Debra Medina is the ONLY candidate in this race who has stated she is willing to support nullification of unconstitutional mandates from Washington – – including Obamacare.  Many states have already passed or written legislation to nullify Obamacare and other unconstitutional laws but Texas is not among them.  That is something we Texans should be ashamed of.

If you believe in private property rights, gun ownership, state sovereignty and a secure border, please get out there and vote for Medina today.  Nothing you can do today will be as important …PLEASE get involved.


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