Governor Good Hair For Another Four Years

A majority of Texas Republicans voted today to keep Rick Perry in office.  As sad as that news may be for some of us, the real story is how an average citizen who had never run for public office, had absolutely no name recognition and no money managed to make such a strong showing against two of the most well-funded GOP politicians in the nation.  As Public Policy Polling blogged …

Perry and Hutchison have had the funds to saturate the airwaves and Medina hasn’t, … her name recognition was still under 50% on our final poll of the Texas race…

Debra Medina is a fighter though, so with any luck we have not seen the last of her.

Texas conservatives can now only hope (as we have no leverage) Perry will follow through on his pledge to fight Washington’s big government encroachment upon our state sovereignty.  Specifically, Obamacare.  We can, of course, expect another four years of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border and it would be no surprise to see a rebirth of the TTC.

However, as distasteful as Perry may be to many of us, unless a third party candidate emerges before the general election, Slick Rick is definitely the lesser of two evils in the race against Bill White.


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